Hi I’m Lynn aka Starch Coach,

Like so many others, evolving to this way of eating started with me being overweight and in very poor health from decades of eating the standard American diet and following every diet gimmick and trick that crossed my path. I had dieted myself to just shy of 350 pounds!

Eventually, due to the weight, the food and lack of movement, I faced very serious health issues. Even though I had a multitude of doctors taking care of me, I most always felt unwell and my body ached. They treated the parts of me they had been trained to treat. I asked repeatedly what I should do to help improve my health and prevent future illnesses, disease and surgeries. Aside from the generic advice of lose weight and drink water, most told me that I should just keep my appointments and testing schedules, take my meds and that I would probably need more surgeries and other treatments in the future. One did suggest and send me to a dietician. Following the dietician’s advice to eat a high protein, low carb diet, I ended up with a severe kidney infection. At that point, I knew I was on my own. I had to take responsibility and control of my health.

I had heard of Dr. John McDougall several years earlier. His message of starch being the center of the diet was against everything popular convention was selling. Sounded kind of crazy, but nothing else was working. So, my journey to the starch-centered, whole food, plant-based way of eating began.

Adopting the starch-centered, whole food, plant-based eating has been life changing and life saving for me and many others. After retiring from 33 years in the corporate world, I have chosen to be Starch Coach to pursue helping others with their own life changing starch-centered, whole food plant-based way of eating journey.

Credentials & Education

  • Dr. McDougall’s Starch Solution Certification for Professionals and Nonprofessionals
  • Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate, eCornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies
  • B.S. Business Management, University of Phoenix
  • Configuration Management, Arizona State University


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