What does starch-centered, whole food plant-based mean?

For me, starch-centered whole food plant-based way of eating means a life of health.
It is a way to lose weight, have more energy & no body aches, cut grocery bills in half, significantly reduce medical cost and prescription pill popping, reverse/reduce/prevent major chronic disease of consumption (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis), eliminate constipation & digestive issues, reduce susceptibility to colds & flu, stop the suffering & torture of sentient beings AND help to save our Earth’s environment.

Meals consist of starches – potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole grains, fresh or frozen fruits/vegetables and some minimally processed foods. Shopping is done basically in the grain aisle and the produce section of the grocery store and/or the local farmer’s market, local produce stands or the best – your own home-grown produce.

This way of eating excludes all foods that come from animals; no mammal’s milk (other than human’s for human infants), eggs, butter, lard or the flesh of any animal. No oils. No, not even olive oil. They are not necessary for good health and often promote many of the chronic degenerative diseases of affluence affecting so many people.

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